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Election and Infographics Microteach

8 Jun , 2017  


I am teaching a session on election day, what better way to draw in ESDGC in our session. Moving away from using a PowerPoint, Prezi or presentation to ‘chalk and talk’ my way through I have embedded all the information into my website as a blog post.

I planned this session after searching for information on the whys and hows of voting in 2017.

This is what I have found:

Please access the padlet below to join in the fun! It’s all interactive!

Made with Padlet

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Hello digital world!

8 Feb , 2015  

I am about to embark on one huge journey, a quest if you like. I started my journey when I began studying for my chosen specialism in Adult Literacy. Now I understand there are lots of literacies; digital being my favourite. Come with me and share your literacies!

I could describe myself as a digital activist, but that might be a bit much.

Here is a really good image that defines digital literacy for me: Digital Literacy diagram

[All credit to Jason Elsom and his wonderful twitter feed for the picture].

Now, I’m going to try and make my own infographic.

Digital Literacy infographic

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